Touch Lucky Pink Gin (50cl / 20cl)


Touch Lucky Pink Gin (50cl / 20cl)

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Touch Lucky pink gin, Made in Wigan. created by adding strawberry and vanilla flavours to an infused base of aromatic botanicals; elderflower, juniper berries, lavender, rosemary, the fresh citrus tastes of lemon, orange and lime peel. These are ground by a pestle and mortar, then steeped for several hours before distilling. This creates a gin with a flavoursome personality, lots of floral and citrus notes with a hint of spice.

Genuinely made in small batches.

Available in 50cl or 20cl Bottles.


Region English
Brand Touch Lucky
Cask Type  Flavoured Gin
Strength 40.0%
Size 50cl

Product Information
Size 50cl