TBGC Pre-Mixed Cocktails (all 5 Flavours)


TBGC Pre-Mixed Cocktails (all 5 Flavours)

Price: £12.50

This selection contains a can of each craft cocktail flavour from the range of Craft Cocktails from That Boutique-y Gin Company's, including the Pineapple Gin Mule, Strawberry Gin Fizz, Gin and Tonic, Yuzu Gin Collins and Cherry Gin Cola.

One order includes

1x Pineapple Gin Mule (330ml)

1x Strawberry Gin Fizz (330ml)

1x Gin & Tonic (330ml)

1 x Yuzu Gin Collins (330ml)

1x Cherry Gin Cola (330ml)

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Product Information
Size 330ml